Found some stunning sources for royalty free images. It’s incredible what you can find here if you spend some time looking properly.

People, if you have some more, please add them to the comments. I’ll try to keep this post as updated as I can.


PhoneBloks – Building blocks for a forever phone

Our devices continue to get more and more fragile. I remember some of my older phones which lasted for well over 2 years without missing a beat. Now, I’d be happy if they ran for a year before I’d want to throw them on a wall. Don’t even get me started on the amount of […]

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Android makes everyone wants a KitKat

We’ve all grown up eating KitKat. If you’ve not experienced sliding the chocolate coated wafers out of the pack, running your finger on the aluminium foil, snapping the treat in half before gobbling it up like there’s no tomorrow, you’ve wasted your childhood. A tech blogger did write about every tech blogger writing about KitKat […]

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