Petrol pump

Modi not touching fuel prices is good economics

I’d say Narendra Modi is one lucky bugger. Just because Obama wanted to cock a snook at Putin’s oligarchy in Russia, crude prices are flirting with the $60 level mark. Which is like a good 40% lower when he took office. Much as I don’t like this country’s dependance on non-renewable energy sources, specifically crude, here’s why I want to vouch for his decision to not fiddle with the petrol/diesel prices by a large margin.


1) See that current account deficit figure there? We need to reign that in.

2) Gadkari says he wants to increase excise rather than give away cheap fuel and use that to build roads. Sweet.

3) If fuel is expensive, renewable energy research + deployment takes a huge hit. Most of those projects are viable when crude is way more expensive than what it is now. Not good. 

4) If he makes it free market pricing and you get used to cheap fuel, imagine how tough its going to be bringing it back up. *looks towards the communists in Bengal*
And lets not forget the cascading effects on inflation, monetary policy and bank interest rates. Raghuram Rajan is right in not obliging Latha Venkatesh with a rate cut.

5) The erstwhile bleeding PSU’s like IOC, BPCL, HPCL (and as a result of the complex fuel subsidy sharing policy, ONGC too) are finally making some monies. Which goes where? Yep.

We’ve had six decades full of decadent socialistic policies which assume that global trade happens in a bubble. Time to let this country make hay while the sun shines.


Run Spotify in India

Off late, the answer to life, the universe and everything for me has been Spotify. Having access to every song in the history of ever does have an uncanny ability to bend your mental space time continuum. For sure.

But Spotify doesn’t want to take this all over the world. Especially for us emerging-global-superpower-21st-century-is-ours Indians.

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My $0.02 on Haider

I love Vishal Bharadwaj’s brand of cinema. His movies are like the ‘ganga snaan’ equivalent of story telling. You’re absolved of the sin of watching all sorts of shallow cinema almost instantly. The canvas, the taut screenplay, the lilting music, the thoughtful casting coupled with a perspective that can only be attained with certain banned prescription drugs; all make for time well spent at the movies.

Haider is no different. While I’m no expert on Shakespeare, I’m sure it doth justice to the original. That, and I didn’t watch Humshakals.

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Beginner Full Stack Dev Guide

Ok, I’ll admit. I’m a massive LAMP stack fan. I’d marry Ubuntu and have a wild affair with PHP5-fpm, if I could.

*awkward pause*

My ludicrous fetishes aside, I think it’s great for beginners because it lets you get up and running in no time. Here’s a quick, 3 day guide to giving you a seat at the big boys club for all things PHP.


  1. OS – Ubuntu
  2. Command Line (if you thought Barrack Obama was powerful, wait till you experience the Linux terminal)
  3. IDE – PHPStorm
    Make no mistake, this is the most powerful PHP IDE in the world. With integration for your database, FTP, version control, code quality checks, seamless debugging, Vagrant, Composer and a host of PHP frameworks. The only thing missing is a reminder for you to make dinner and feed the dog.
  4. LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP)
  5. Version Control
    Git –
  6. PHP Learning
  7. SQL
  8. Javascript
    Eloquent Javascript –
    Coding Tips


JS Coding Style

PHP Coding Style

HTML & CSS Code Standards

Naming Conventions


Quora Mass Follow

quora mass follow

I usually follow people back on Quora and it’s been quite a while since I’ve done that. So the list of people to be followed was fairly large. Was I going to click through all of them? Nope.

I fired up the Chrome Console to check if Quora uses jQuery (there there, now) and turns out it does! To the uninitiated, jQuery is a Javascript library that makes deft work of the most common Javascript tasks. What’s Javascript, you ask? Let’s take this offline. :)

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