Run Spotify in India

Off late, the answer to life, the universe and everything for me has been Spotify. Having access to every song in the history of ever does have an uncanny ability to bend your mental space time continuum. For sure.

But Spotify doesn’t want to take this all over the world. Especially for us emerging-global-superpower-21st-century-is-ours Indians.

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My $0.02 on Haider

I love Vishal Bharadwaj’s brand of cinema. His movies are like the ‘ganga snaan’ equivalent of story telling. You’re absolved of the sin of watching all sorts of shallow cinema almost instantly. The canvas, the taut screenplay, the lilting music, the thoughtful casting coupled with a perspective that can only be attained with certain banned prescription drugs; all make for time well spent at the movies.

Haider is no different. While I’m no expert on Shakespeare, I’m sure it doth justice to the original. That, and I didn’t watch Humshakals.

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Quora Mass Follow

quora mass follow

I usually follow people back on Quora and it’s been quite a while since I’ve done that. So the list of people to be followed was fairly large. Was I going to click through all of them? Nope.

I fired up the Chrome Console to check if Quora uses jQuery (there there, now) and turns out it does! To the uninitiated, jQuery is a Javascript library that makes deft work of the most common Javascript tasks. What’s Javascript, you ask? Let’s take this offline. :)

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