Ubuntu Mobile, the seriously cool new kid on the block

by Satish Suggala on January 13, 2013

OSes have come, OSes have gone. Some flourish, most fade away. But there is something exciting about new platforms that promise the moon. Say hello to the latest kid on the block, Ubuntu for mobile. I must add, it isn’t easy to excite me about consumer technology anymore. Yes, I might have grown up or might have finally started respecting money for what it’s worth. But Ubuntu for Mobile got my complete, undivided attention right from the word go.

They have a point. Smartphones are getting ridiculously powerful and should be happily be able to run most desktop applications without breaking a sweat. One OS, one experience. Hey, I like such connected, convergence jazz, yo. That, plus I love Ubuntu. (no, seriously. I massively <3 Ubuntu.)

Ridiculous, right? Here’s one more video of Ubuntu 13.04 on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

I am fully psyched, yo. Cannot wait!

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